The soldier, Lance Corporal John Godwin, was charged with murder, which is punishable under Section 106 (a) of Armed Forces Acts (Cap A20)


Traditional Marriage Gone Wrong As Bride Declines To Marry The Man

This was the worst shock of my life. A frnd invited me for his traditional marriage @ ozoro n when the d pride was called out n asked if she will marry d man her reply surprised us all.SHE SAID NO she won't marry him. They asked her 7 tyms n she kept to her word NOoooooo. So wats the advice to the man bcoz tomorrow is the wedding n evri arrangement has been made concerning the wedding.

How Igue Festival started in the Great Benin Empire during the reign of Oba Ewuare The Great

The Igue festival, which is a period for offering thanks to God for sparing their lives and to ask for blessings, is also used for offering sacrifices to God and our Ancestors (Enikao) in the palace. During this period, chieftaincy title holders display their Eben emblem in the Ugie dance as they appear in their traditional attire, according to the type of dress the Oba bestowed on individual chiefs during the conferment of title, while the Oba seats majestically in the royal chamber (Ogiukpo).

DANGER!!! Ijaw Freedom Fighters Threaten Oba of Benin & Gov. Obaseki: You have 21 days to apologize

“We repeat, we are giving Edo State Government 21 days to correct all abnormalities or else we will mobilize all our members from the aforementioned states to storm the Edo State Government House and the Oba of Benin palace to make the state unbearable for you to govern”.

Nigerian man buys South African Man G-Wagon Benz to apologize for Impregnating his Wife.

A Nigerian man who is based in South Africa says he doesn’t regret buying a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon for a South African man as an apology for impregnating his wife. The Nigerian man was quoted saying; “I know what I did is wrong but I feel better he has accepted my gift. He accepted that his … Continue reading Nigerian man buys South African Man G-Wagon Benz to apologize for Impregnating his Wife.